Release Notes

Version 2.4 (April 2013)

  • New “MP” terrain engine with better performance and support for unlimited image layers (now the default)
  • Shader Composition - reworked the framework for more flexible control of vertex shaders
  • EarthManipulator - support for mobile (multitouch) actions
  • GPU clamping of feature geometry (ClampableNode)
  • TMSBackFiller tool to generate low-res LODs from high-res data
  • OceanSurface support for masking layer
  • New RenderSymbol for draw control
  • Fade-in control for feature layers
  • OverlayDecorator - improvements in draping; eliminated jittering
  • Added feature caching in FeatureSourceIndexNode
  • ShaderGenerator - added support for more texture types
  • Draping - moved draping/clamping control into Symbology (AltitudeSymbol)
  • Lines - add units to “stroke-width”, for values like “25m”, also “stroke-min-pixels”
  • PolygonizeLines operator with GPU auto-scaling
  • New Documentation site (stored in the repo) at
  • Decluttering - new “max_objects” property to limit number of drawables
  • New ElevationLOD node
  • SkyNode - added automatic ambient light calculation
  • New DataScanner - build ImageLayers from a recursive file search
  • Qt: new ViewWidget for use with a CompositeViewer
  • Map: batch updates using the beginUpdate/endUpdate construct
  • GLSL Color Filter: embed custom GLSL code directly in the earth file (
  • Agglite: Support for “stroke-width” with units and min-pixels for rasterization
  • Terrain options: force an elevation grid size with <elevation_tile_size>
  • Better iOS support
  • New “BYO” terrain engine lets you load an external model as your terrain
  • New “first_lod” property lets you force a minimum LOD to start at
  • Better support for tiled data layers
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements
  • New documentation site stored in the osgEarth repo (
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